Troncones is a world renowned ‘secret’ getaway. A world class surf destination and a model for development with an eye for protecting the environment. We welcome you to relax, enjoy our beaches, sunshine and waves. Explore, interact and become a part of our amazing community.

Life here is generally pretty slow paced and laid back. With only about 400 or so full time residents, a number which nearly doubles in the “On” season, we can surely be classified as a small village. Much of the local income comes either from tourism or related work. There is still a core of farmers, ranchers and fishermen however, that keep us in fresh produce & daily caught seafood.

Driving directions from Zihuatanejo Airport to
Casa Azul & Troncones

Leaving airport there is one exit which continues in a straight northerly direction and passing through Zihuatanejo to a Y, the left to Ixtapa or to the right on highway 200 and Lazaro Cardenas. Take the right hand turn on highway 200 toward Lazaro Cardenas.
You will travel 15.7 miles or 25.3 kilometers to the turnoff to Troncones. At this point there will be a Troncones sign and a turn out to the right which allows you to make a left and cross highway 200. Then you will travel about ½ mile (.75 kilometer) to the road toward the beach. About 2 Miles or 3 Kilometers you will be in the town of Troncones. Casa Azul is located one block off the beach road. A right hand turn on an unpaved road will take you towards the Medical Clinic. About ½ mile on the right you will see Casa Azul.

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